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Get Home Safe From You Works Christmas Do

Get Home Safe From You Works Christmas Do

• Know the difference between a black cab and a minicab.

Taxis may all look the same when you’ve had a few glasses of wine, but there are some very important differences. In fact the only types of taxis that are legally allowed to stop when

hailed in the street are black cabs.

All legitimate black cabs are licensed by the local authorities (or in London by the police) and have a white licence plate on the boot and a smaller one inside. Other taxis are called minicabs.

Outside London all legitimate minicabs are now licensed with local authorities. In London, this process is still underway but they should soon all be licensed with Transport for London. If you want to check that the minicab firm you use is licensed you should check with your local council or, if you live in the capital, Transport for London.

• Beware taxi touts.

In addition to black cabs and minicabs there are an increasing number of ‘taxi touts’ operating around Britain, particularly late at night. These are unregistered, untraceable drivers who attempt to pick up fares in busy areas, often offering cheaper fares than registered vehicles.

The police warn that these cabs are being used by some criminals to target vulnerable women and should always be avoided. ‘When people get into these cabs they are effectively getting into a stranger’s car which is untraceable,’ says a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police.

‘We know that some men are deliberately using these cabs to target and then sexually abuse women. If this happens there is often no way of tracing the offender as they are not registered taxi drivers, may have borrowed the car for the night or even changed the number plates. Women particularly should never get into these cabs.’ Get in a Taxi in Leyland as they are trustworthy and registered.

• If using a minicab always pre-book it.

Although legitimate minicabs are now licensed they are only legally allowed to carry passengers who book them in advance. If you intend to take a minicab, take the phone number of a reputable firm you know and trust with you when you go out for the night.

If you don’t know the number of a reputable firm ask a friend for the number of a firm they trust, or approach the Community Safety Officer at your local police station for a number.

• Be cautious if you are ordering a cab in a public place.

Always remember if you are calling a cab from a public place to make sure that you can not be overheard by strangers as this could give away your address. To be extra secure, when you are ordering a cab to pick you up from a public place do not give your full name and full address – just in case someone can hear you.

Retail Theft On Small Business’

Retail Theft On Small Business’

U.S. businesses are now losing around $60 billion annually to retail shrinkage. The vast majority of the losses are attributable to retail theft. This makes retail theft one of the biggest problems facing small business retailers today.

We dug into the data and talked to retail security pros. In this article we’ll share detailed, concrete steps to reduce retail theft at your store no matter how large or small your business is. Consider:

  • Who Is Stealing From You?
  • Low Cost Solutions For Reducing Retail Theft
  • Medium Range Solutions For Reducing Retail Theft
  • Top Of The Line Solutions For Reducing Retail Theft
  • Get Good Quality Security Services Preston

The first step is to get an accurate inventory management system in place so you can keep track of exactly where shrinkage is happening. You can read more in our complete guide to inventory management.

Before we dive into the details on this topic, we also suggest you check out a free POS system that can manage inventory, process credit cards and so much more.

Who Might Be Stealing from You

According to the a 2015 study by the National Retail Federation, there are 3 main reasons for retail loss, also known as shrinkage:

  1. Your Customers – Shoplifting accounts for around 38% of retail loss in the United States. Items can be taken for personal use or resale. Health and Beauty, apparel, and electronic stores are most vulnerable to this kind of theft.Make sure crime coverage is included in your insurance.
  2. Your Employees – In the US, employee theft is the number one cause of retail shrink. In fact, it makes up about 35% of retailers’ total shrinkage. There are various reasons that employees steal from their companies. Some want to give friends a deal (sweethearting), others are dissatisfied with their employers/bosses, and some steal because they want extra cash. We’ve written about how a modern POS system can significantly reduce this kind employee theft.
  3. Your Suppliers, Contractors, Management, and Administration – The remaining 27% of retail theft was pinned on suppliers and contractors and management and administrative errors. Suppliers and contractors might overcharge you, resulting in costs for services or products that you never actually received. Small businesses with more informal/less-organized contracts are especially susceptible to this kind of theft. Management and administrative errors, like mismanagement of inventory (ordering too much product, etc.) and pricing items incorrectly would both be examples of errors that will add up to significant losses.
Winter Warnings and Advice About Heating and Boilers

Winter Warnings and Advice About Heating and Boilers

Replace Worn Weatherstripping

Worn and torn weatherstripping around doors and windows creates drafts and lets in cold air. Seven to 12 percent of a home’s heat loss occurs around windows and doors, according to Black Hills Energy, and these leaks often prompt homeowners to turn up their furnace to keep comfy. Even if they don’t turn it up, they’re losing warm air, causing the furnace to work harder. “Weatherstripping around doors, and caulking around doors and windows, can cut down on drafts,” says Jeff Rogers, president of the Energy Audit Institute. Some weatherstripping needs to be replaced every few years because of wear. Replacing it is typically as simple as pulling off the old and tacking on the new.

Adjust Door Thresholds

If you can see daylight under your front door, then you’re losing the indoor air you’ve paid to heat. “If the door is not in contact with the threshold, the air is going right under the door,” Rogers said. Some thresholds have four or five screws that let you adjust the height to eliminate a gap. Turn the screws counterclockwise to lift the threshold until daylight is mostly gone. A little light in the corners is okay, but don’t raise the threshold so high that it interferes with opening and closing the door. And the door shouldn’t drag on the threshold or it’ll wear out the weatherstripping.

Eliminate Drafts Around Electrical Boxes

 Electrical boxes in your exterior walls are notoriously drafty because insulation isn’t always placed behind and around them correctly. “You want to try to stop air from flowing around the box and through the box,” Rogers says.To stop the leaks, remove the cover plates and fill small gaps around the boxes with acrylic latex caulk. For large gaps, use foam sealant. Then place a foam gasket over the outlet or switch and replace the cover plate. The gaskets cost about $1.10 for a two-pack. “The gasket is going to save you money for as long as that outlet is in your house,” Rogers says. “That small investment pays off for as long as you own your home.”

If you need to switch on the heating, you may be losing energy somewhere in the boiler so make sure you get your boiler serviced before the winter months to ensure its efficiency. If you need a New Boilers Preston then ask if your insurance have any suggestions or pricing options.

Picking a Domain Name & Domain Registration & Hosting

Picking a Domain Name & Domain Registration & Hosting

Finding the right domain name can be a tricky business, and indeed, can mean the difference between success and failure in the online marketplace, which is why we at weda feel the best idea would be for you to get a professional SEO Lancashire to do it for you. As such, it is important to consider the following before choosing a domain name: • FOR NEW SITES: Depending on your branding angle, pick a domain name that is either highly brandable (meaning that it can be easily and positively associated with your product or service) or one that has your primary keywords in it. Use a short and memorable domain name. It is fine if it does not have your keywords in it if it is memorable. For serious, long-term websites, a memorable domain name will be one of the key ingredients to success. • If your domain name exactly matches your keywords Google places a relevancy bonus on your site. (ex: ranks easily for both seobook and seo book). • If you are going to be working in competitive fields, or if you will have large sites, you may want to use a different domain for each different language you are targeting. Examples of domain names I own:,,, and Once you have selected a domain name, you must make sure that it is available, and then register it. After your domain name has been registered, you must find a reliable host for your website. • Register your domain with an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited registrar. I use GoDaddy. • Register as a .com if possible, if you have a global market. If you cannot get a .com, but a great .net or .org is still available, it might be worth it to register one of those instead of registering a longer (and less memorable) .com domain. • If you are targeting a specific country or language, register a domain name in that country’s top-level domain designation (e.g., buy a website for a U.K.-targeted site). Also buy the .com version of your domain name and point it at your country-specific location. • Oftentimes certain directories and search engines will either be biased toward local sites will or only let local sites in the index. “Local” may mean ending with a local domain and/or being hosted on a server in that country. • Host your site with a reliable host. I recommend DreamHost or • For dynamic sites, make sure your host supports the technology you will be using (such as ASP or PHP) before spending money.

Top 6 benefits of coach travel

Top 6 benefits of coach travel

Within this island of ours lies a vast array of cultural, historical and natural beauty. From city trips to places like London to events like Royal Ascot and Wembley Stadium, there’s something for everyone.

With the soaring prices of petrol, driving holds even less appeal. Coach travel can also be far cheaper than taking the train, as well as taking you directly to your destination – saving you taxi fares to and from the train station.

Green. Travel with a clean conscience; coaches are one of the greenest forms of transport. Moving many people around in a single vehicle has numerous benefits in terms of reduced fossil fuel usage and lower emissions per passenger. In addition, trips and breaks in the uk are obviously better for the planet than oversea alternatives which involve more lengthy travel. Forget scrambling around with a road map. Coach Hire in Preston travel allows you to have your very own chauffeur who knows exactly where they’re going. Socialise with the people around you instead of focusing on driving. Coaches are also statistically safer than travelling by car. A coach driver knows the roads like the back of his hand, safely transporting you with a door to door service. Spacious, modern and air-conditioned coaches are the way to travel. Coaches are maintained to a very high standard and have comfortable seats so you can relax in style.

Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

It is a sad fact but burglaries are said to increase by up to 20 per cent around the Christmas holidays. That doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to help make sure this percentage doesn’t affect your home though.

There are a number of easy and sensible tips you can follow to help deter burglars and keep your home safe this Christmas. Whether you are home or away this Christmas, here are 7 tips to try and keep your home safe.

Ensure all your windows are secure or add sensors
It goes without saying, but if you leave your windows wide open then it will be easy for a burglar to climb in. Make sure your windows are shut and if possible, locked, if you are heading out to a friend’s house, going for a Boxing Day stroll or taking a couple of days away at the in-laws. For those that are especially concerned, you could fit an open/closed sensor so you’ll know if anything goes down at home when you aren’t there.

Leave lights on or get one you can control over the internet via your phone
Shops on the high street always leave their lights on even at night when they are closed and there’s a reason for that – it is easier to see someone lurking around inside. If you are out, leave a light on, get a basic timer, or better still, invest in a Wi-Fi enabled club. The latter can be turned on or set to react to certain things like the weather, even when you aren’t there so they should help deter any unwanted visitors.

Remember to lock the front door, even if you are inside
Locking the front door is obvious, but it is also something you should do even when you are home to stop people sneaking in. If you do open the door to a caller, such as a late night delivery from an online retailer, check who they are first before opening the door fully. It may be overkill but we suggest getting a good quality Security Services

As an extra measure, get a home monitoring system, like , so you can video intruders as they come in and record exactly what time things happen. We’ve found it also works well for catching out the “I was home by 1am” lies after the Christmas party too.

Don’t advertise your presents
If your Christmas tree is in a window, don’t put any presents around it before Christmas morning. If you’ve put all your lovely presents on display, it makes it even easier for any would-be criminal to scoop everything up in a sack and take the lot: just like the Grinch. Hide presents until the last minute, and if you’ve got things like bikes to gift, don’t just store them in the unlocked shed in the garden.

Likewise, a big shiny packaging box dumped next to your bin the day after is like a red rag to a bull. Don’t do it. Either keep the box in the loft for when you sell it on eBay in a couple of years’ time, or flat pack it and take it to the recycle tip when you ditch the tree. By doing that you aren’t telling anyone that walks past that you’ve got a brand new Xbox One, a 4K TV, and a stack of iPads fresh in the house.

If you’ve bought any electronics take down any serial numbers
If you are worried about big expensive ticket items like a new phone, laptop, or tablet, jot down the serial number or IMEI number in case something happens. Alternatively use a Security Marker Pen. They cost under a £1, but it means if the police do recover your things they can hopefully get them back to you.

Hide the receipts
We all keep receipts for that “I’ve already got it” or “I don’t like it moment”, but make sure you hide the receipts somewhere safe in your house. That way, if someone does break in and steal the presents, they aren’t able to return them too, especially if you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a gift receipt.

Stay off public social media
“We just heading off for a couple of days #emptyhouse #pleaserobme”. Yes, if you can, don’t tell the internet that you aren’t going to be at your home this Christmas and that it’s free to be raided when it suits them.