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Tile Advice For Your Bathrooom

Tile Advice For Your Bathrooom

What about natural stone tiles?
If you hanker after a high-end, luxurious look, natural stone tiles are an ideal fit. However, they tend to cost more than porcelain tiles and you may have to spend a little more on maintenance.

Although naturally hardwearing, all natural stone is porous to varying degrees so requires sealing when they are installed. “In order to preserve the surface, the use of specialist cleaning and maintenance products, such as stone-specific sealants, cleaning solutions and grout protector, is recommended,” says Sian.
Top tips to tile installation
When equipped with the right tools and knowledge, you can lay your own tile Flooring Tools and save money in the process. “If you’re not confident and feel as though it isn’t something you can dedicate the time to doing or to master properly, then consider hiring a professional flooring installer who will be able to get the job done efficiently and to a high standard,” advises Sian.

Visit your local tile retailer if you need help finding a trusted installer, as it is likely they will have a list of professionals they work with and can recommend. You can also visit websites such as Rated People that provide information about a variety of tradesmen and tilers around the UK.

“When it comes to picking your tiler, make sure you do your homework by interviewing and getting quotes from different people. It’s important you ask to see a portfolio of their work to get an idea of their capabilities and skill set and, while photos are great, they can be deceiving, so make sure you view at least one of their previous tiling jobs in person,” recommends Sian.

If you decide to install the floor yourself, you need to allow plenty of time to plan the project in detail, with a particular focus on layout and design. Just as when you are making your product choice, spend time researching what tools and materials you need, as well as how to lay a tile properly. “Be sure to make the most of available resources. Watching video tutorials on how to prepare, tile and finish a floor, are all helpful tools. Or why not practice tiling on a scrap piece of plasterboard before starting on your floor? After all, practice makes perfect,” adds Sian.
The virtues of vinyl flooring
Vinyl has come a long way since the seventies, when it was seen as a cheap option. “Technological advances mean it is a durable as well as a practical choice,” agrees Victoria Hemelaer, product manager at Leoline. “These advances, combined with increased research and development spend, mean vinyl manufacturers generally offer great diversity in looks. Compared to wood or laminate companies, we have a very blank canvas!”

Vinyl comes in two formats: sheet or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), the difference being that sheet vinyl comes in rolls (similar to carpet), while vinyl tiles are smaller and slot together.

Improve your bike shed security whatever your budget

Improve your bike shed security whatever your budget

The first rule of shed club…

If the local ne’er-do-wells don’t know you have a valuable bike in your shed Security Services Preston, they are unlikely to put much effort into breaking in, especially if you fit enough basic security measures to convince them to move onto an easier target. It’s easier said than done but there are some simple things to avoid.

Do you use Strava? It’s crucial that you either don’t start recording your ride until you’re a few miles away from your house, keep your profile private, or set up a ‘privacy zone’. The last thing you want is to provide thieves with a direct map straight to your front door.

It’s also tempting to put up pictures of your shiny new bike on social media. While it’s great you are proud of your bike, be cautious. Think about whether your profile gives away enough clues to work out where you live, as well as showing exactly how lovely your new bike is.

Location, location, location

Where you choose to store your bike will depend on a number of factors, including the value of the bike or bikes, your budget and the amount of available space, but the key criterion should be the location. If you live in a dodgy area, even bricks and mortar may not deter the criminals. On the other side of town, a wooden shed with a few extra security measures may be enough.

There are five main types of storage to consider:

Inside your house: This will depend on the amount of space you have and the tolerance levels of your partner/spouse/flatmates. Overall, security is high, especially if you can lock your bike to an immovable object.
Garage: Perfect. You can store your bike and work on it, without worrying about getting oil stains on the carpet. The drawback? Not everyone has one or has the space/money for one. The door is generally the weak point, but you can improve security by fitting a Garage Door Defender. Internally, you can beef up security by using a ground or wall anchor (see below) and a decent motorcycle chain.
Brick/breeze-block shed: The next best option, but if you haven’t already got one they’re not cheap and may need planning permission. See below for some tips on making it more secure.
Flat-pack shed: They’re relatively cheap, easy to put up and will hide your bike(s) from view, but they’re far from secure. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on this type of storage because it’s a common choice and there are some simple precautions you can take to make your shed much less attractive to thieves.
Standalone bike shelter: If you’re short of space and need somewhere dry to store your bike, these are an option. But they’re no more secure than a shed (considerably less so in some cases) and offer no room to work on your bike. See below for some tips on making it more secure.

Add Value to Your Home Cheap

Add Value to Your Home Cheap

1. Sort out the exterior

When a perspective buyer arrives to view your home it’s likely they will already know the asking price. As a result they will immediately start -judging whether it’s worth the cost?

Making sure that the outside of your home is neat and tidy can make a powerful positive first impression and have a knock on effect for the rest of the visit.

It’s not very expensive to weed the garden, fix the fence or add a lick of paint to your external windows, however doing these things can make a big difference to the value of your home.

2. Sort out the roof

Problems with structural essentials can easily reduce the value of your home; but a damaged roof is on display for everyone to see.

It’s important to remember that your roof forms part of the image of your home, unlike the foundations or pipe work; because of this any visible damage will immediately be evident to potential buyers and no doubt have a significant impact on the amount they’re willing to offer – if it doesn’t put them off completely.

The best thing to do is repair any damage before anyone comes to see your property even if it is just a few loose tiles. Clearing gutters and drains is also a cheap way of improving the appearance of your roof.

3. Make your home lighter

Light creates the illusion of space. A dark and dingy property is of less value than a lighter one, even if it’s slightly smaller. So making your home lighter is a cheap and easy way to increase the value.

One of the first steps you can take is to clean your windows, this will allow more light in to the house and make both the inside and outside look more appealing.

Secondly consider installing brighter and more energy efficient lights. This can be especially important if you are looking to sell your home in the winter months when it can be dark and miserable outside.

You could also take an extra step and install a skylight, or sliding patio doors to increase the illusion of space your home. While these are more expensive options, more natural light and an unobstructed view of the garden can be very appealing to buyers.

4. Make your cleaner with sandblasting

Sandblasting Liverpool Services Ltd can remove years of accumulated grime on the majority of surfaces enabling them to be restored to a former glory, or to allow them to be repainted. The company uses raw material recycled glass for its sandblasting medium, which is chemically inert and conforms to the relevant standards; ISO 11126 (non- metallic) or SAE 2.5 (metal). This material produces fewer health and safety risks as it completely eliminates the risk of airborne carcinogens and it’s a non-toxic substance, which is safe to use around water.

Tipping Around The Globe

Tipping Around The Globe


Restaurants A tip should be left in cash, not on a credit card, and it is not expected but is seen as generous. Most Italians would leave a few euros on the table, but not more than 10% of the total. Before you leave a tip make sure there is no service charge on the bill, which does happen in some cases and is listed as “coperto”, like a cover charge.

Bars Italians do not generally tip at bars, although service is available at some bars and pubs. There are plenty of coffee bars. Ones that cater to tourists might charge far more if you decide to take a seat, when they will bring the coffee to you after you order it, instead of standing at the bar.

Taxis Most Italians would round up the taxi charge, and it would be seen as generous for a long ride. But generally no tip is expected.

Hotels A bag carrier would expect a few euros if they carry your bags to their room. The same can be said for cleaning staff in your hotel room.

United States

Restaurants A tip of about 20% is generally expected as standard, with more suggested for particularly good service. Some locals tend, instead, to simply double the price stated on the bill for local sales tax, which works out at about 18% of the total.

Bars Bartenders expect a dollar per drink if they serve you at the bar. For table service something more like 20% of the bill is expected.

Taxi – Taxi Lostock Hall – drivers are not well paid and do expect tips. Again, 20% is generally seen as standard – as reflected by this being the smallest suggested tip listed on screen when paying by card.

Hotels About $1-$2 per bag is expected among hotel staff, while roughly $5 per night spent is often left for the housekeeping staff.

Good to know Generally it’s worth keeping in mind that in America workers in “tipped” jobs, such as waiters and bar staff, have a significantly lower minimum wage than others – not usually more than $2 an hour. So a standard tip is viewed by their bosses as simply part of their wage rather than a bonus for especially good service.

Going on a Coach Trip? With a Baby? Fear not.

Going on a Coach Trip? With a Baby? Fear not.

Most parents yearn for the olden days when travel was simple. A backpack, a bottle of water and your ticket, plus maybe an mp3 player to soundtrack the journey. Then the bundles of joy come along, and travel becomes a logistical challenge, with dozens of bags to carry, and hundreds of things to forget.

Travelling with kids is always going to be challenging, but there are ways we can help you enjoy the ride when you travel with a baby. The coach is a perfect vehicle for family outings, so here’s how best to prepare.


Tiny Tots
Very young babies can be accommodated in many vehicles, by strapping in their regular car seats – please consult us before making a booking about the seating capabilities on our coaches. Most mums and dads will have their own car seat that their baby is used to already. If you don’t, you may be able to hire one for the trip. Make sure that it is a rearward facing model, and call us to check compatibility.

If you need to feed your baby while the coach is in motion, don’t wrap your seatbelt around them. Keep it round you, and hold them as you normally would. Once they have been fed, strap them back into the seat. If they are eating solid food, bring plenty of wipes, and invest in a box of disposable bibs so you can avoid carrying soiled bibs with you.

There are no dedicated bottle or food warming facilities in our vehicles, but by using flasks, you should be able to transport warm food for a few hours. When we stop for a rest break, you will be free to use the facilities at the service station or rest stop café.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of snacks and water for yourself!

If you’ve travelled on a plane with an infant, you’ll know how hot and sweaty it can be. Getting a wriggly pre-schooler to sit still for take-off is sometimes difficult, and you could have the same problem on the coach. Fortunately, all of our coaches have air conditioning, so we keep things cool and comfortable, even in the summer on a Coach Hire Lancashire.

Bring a range of new toys for your child to play with (or a few toys that you’ve hidden away for a while, so they ‘feel’ new to them). Produce a new toy every half an hour to keep them busy and entertained. We advise against noisy electronic toys, or toys with loose parts that could roll away under the seats. Shape sorters and mechanical toys are perfect for keeping little hands and brains busy.

Of course, timing a coach trip with nap time is ideal, if you think your little one will sleep. Bring a zipped pillow that can be converted into a blanket, and consider booking them their own seat for comfort, if they’re old enough to sit alone.

Some things to think about when buying an island for your kitchen!

Some things to think about when buying an island for your kitchen!

Whilst Islands are a strong focal point for any kitchen it’s important to consider space. Both the open floor area around the island and either side of the island require careful planning to ensure that there is enough space to manoeuvre. If you’re planning on housing your sink in the kitchen island then you would also need to plan for the extra plumbing costs to extend the lines of any water pipes, whereas a smaller Island can be a useful way to incorporate extra seating areas, cupboards or extra storage.

With any kitchen island its don’t forget to consider height and Granite Worktops Northampton. If are looking to have bar stools then a height of around 36 – 42 inches would be recommended. You may want to consider having the island designed in two levels, with one side set lower in order to aid food preparation and prep work, and the other higher to accommodate for any seating options.

The amount of storage you may need depends on the rest of your kitchen layout. If you already have ample storage place then you might want to use your island as more of a work and social hub, ideal for preparing food whilst also entertaining guests. However, if you have limited storage space, a kitchen island can also serve as an ideal storage area.

As with any kitchen planning, its important to consider what works best for you and the space you have available. Whether you are looking to entertain, eat food or prepare meals, a kitchen island should look to compliment your kitchen both in terms of usability and space. If you are planning to house any kitchen appliances in the island,  such as a kitchen sink or dishwasher, then make sure this fits in with other core elements of your kitchen design, and be sure to consider “the kitchen work triangle”. With the Kitchen being one of the busiest areas in the home, serving a multitude of different functions and planning the placement of your kitchen island is crucial.

Heat from Underneath

Heat from Underneath

More energy-efficient over conventional radiator systems
Underfloor heating is far more efficient than old-fashioned radiators and is cost-effective in regards to utility bills. This is because it uses a lower temperature than the radiators. If you choose to install a system we can give an estimate of the running costs at the design phase itself. This will assist you in making an informed decision.

Maximum over all comfort as temperature will be consistent
You will enjoy maximum over all comfort as the heating will be uniform. The house will feel more comfortable as it will be heated through the floor. The temperature around the room will be consistent. So there will be no more vying for a spot as in the case with a radiator system which relies on convection. Everything can be  installed and maintained cheaply by this company Boiler Repairs Chorley.

You can use it with most floor surfaces
Many people think underfloor heating as being reliant upon solid surface flooring such as tile or stone. However, it is not necessarily true. In fact, such a system can work under any kind of floor including; tile (ceramic and porcelain), natural stone, engineered wood, hard wood, laminate and luxury vinyl. Always check with your supplier prior to purchase and installation.

The above 5 points highlight the top benefits of underfloor heating and show why it makes a great choice for those who are looking to efficiently manage their energy usage and enjoy a superior overall comfort.

Expert hails benefits of granite in kitchens

Expert hails benefits of granite in kitchens

The kitchen remains the ‘most obsessed-about room in the house’, according to and when it comes to remodelling, homeowners want ‘more than just trends’.

While recent fashions have tended toward sleek and industrial designs, interior experts claim that a warmer, low-maintenance look is what’s currently being sought.

Any home owner that wants a classy, inviting and value for money kitchen might do well to consider Granite Worktops Lincoln and their other depots in Granite Worktops Harrogate and Granite Worktops Cheshire.This robust, hard-wearing material not only looks stylish but will last. What’s more, the myriad colours and patterns will coordinate with any kitchen theme.

Home renovation expert Jean Nayar has extolled the benefits of granite, via, starting with its durability and natural beauty. The pros, she says, include the fact that granite is “acid-resistant, moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant”. The variety of edge treatments is also a factor that makes granite so appealing.

A common misconception, however, she continues, is that granite is excessively expensive. If this were the case, why does it persist as one of the most popular countertop options? Compared with other alternatives, granite is quite inexpensive, especially when compared with marble.

“It’s durable, easy to maintain and beautiful,” Nayar concludes. “It’s also a relatively simple upgrade in an old kitchen that will add value to your home should you choose to sell it.”

How To Make Your Granite Countertop Bright Shiny?

How To Make Your Granite Countertop Bright Shiny?

1)      The Cleaning: Firstly, you have to clean the Granite Worktops Harrogate, especially the chipped area and its surrounding parts. You can use a mild detergent, lukewarm water and a sponge. Let the sponge absorb the water and the detergent and scrub, scrub, scrub!

2)      The Drying: Then after you cleaned the area well, dry the surface with a dry rag, thoroughly, if there is any residue left, it could be absorbed in the core of the granite surface. After using the rag, it is highly recommended to air the surface for an hour so you’ll be absolutely certain it is not damp.

3)      The Measuring: After you’re sure it’s dry, mark off the chipped area with some masking tape. Remove any objects that is near the chipped area and make sure nothing might come in contact with the damaged area, like a wire or an outlet.

4)      The Mixing: It is most important to put on gloves, the solution used is highly poisonous to the human flesh. After putting on gloves, begin mixing the granite resin and the hardener, just as the instructions say.

5)      The Repairing: Add the solution to the chipped area and use a tongue depressor or something with the same shape and spread it across the chipped area. Use a razor blade to make sure the countertop surface is even and there are no excess.

6)      The Sealing: After you added the epoxy solution, leave it to dry. In normal cases, the epoxy dries out in an hour but it is best to refer to the instructions manual. After it dries out, apply a sealer on it for twenty four hours to brighten up the surface. Finally, remove the masking tape and we can guarantee, it’ll be as good as new.

We all know the troubles and arduous tasks it takes to keep your granite countertop surface clean and shiny. However, much as we try, it is inevitable for our worktops to dull up and end up being obsolete, no matter how much polishing we do. Having a dull, chipped countertop is even worse than having to clean and polish your surface every day. Talk about a sight for sore eyes! Here, we offer you some tips and advice that could help you brighten up your granite countertop and get rid of all the scratches and chipped areas; they may come in handy!