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Month: April 2017

Keep right on trend by adding Greenery to your home

Keep right on trend by adding Greenery to your home

Always following the latest colour trends? Well, you’ll be interested to know that Pantone recently revealed Greenery 15-0343 to be 2017’s Colour of the Year. Yet before you rush out to buy tin after tin of pea-coloured paint, you need to think about where this bold colour can be used wisely – you don’t want the inside of your home to look like the local park!

Take a look at our tips on where to add a touch of Greenery to your home.

  1. Kitchen cupboard doors

Imagine how gorgeous your kitchen would look if you paired a granite worktop in Leeds with green cabinet doors. A paler shade may be best if you’re opting for white or grey granite, but feel free to go as dark and bold as you like if your worktop will be black.

  1. Sofa

You might not want to paint your entire living room green, especially if you’re used to more neutral tones, so a sofa in Greenery is the perfect compromise. The burst of colour will really stand out against your beige walls and hardwood coffee table.

  1. Accessories

If you prefer to play things a bit safe, there’s no reason why you should immediately write off using Greenery. Accessories like cushions, throws, rugs and even curtains are a subtle yet stylish nod to this year’s ‘it’ colour, and would look good in any room of the house.

  1. Bathroom

We’re not saying you should ever resurrect your awful runner bean-coloured suite of yesteryear, but with Greenery in fashion right now, there are a few things you can do to give your bathroom a contemporary twist. Swap your boring beige soap dish or toothbrush holder for something green, and put up a shower curtain with a gorgeous green pattern. You could even go back to point one and give your bathroom cabinets a makeover – just be careful not to go too dark!