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Save thousands on a brand new boiler

Save thousands on a brand new boiler

Winter is here and the temperature is already threatening to fall to freezing. If you are worried about the boiler failing at this critical time, read on to get the best price for a new one.

A new boiler carries a huge bill that UK homeowners cannot escape.

So we look at how much you should expect to pay for the new boiler, the installation and how to save on these costs.

How much does the new boiler cost?

Prices of boilers vary based on various factors such as brand, capacity and functionality.
Which? The magazine has catalogued around 400 log markets, including Worcester Bosch, Fisman, Baxi and Failant, and found prices from 600 kroner to over 2,400 pounds.

But when looking for a new boiler, a big price does not necessarily mean getting the upper boiler. So it’s important to shop around and find the best boiler that suits your budget.

If you do not want to purchase the boiler separately, the installer may quote the price of the boiler and the installation.

How much does the installation cost?

The cost of installing the boiler can vary greatly depending on how much work is needed, the parts where you live, and who will do the job.

It can cost around five hundred for a direct replacement of the combi boiler in the same old position until you reach £1,500 to install the new combi system to a new location, according to the figures put together by the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors.

But it also warns that you may also need to allocate money to a chemical flush (£200) or a mechanical flow of your heating system (£500) and also transfer the pipe (£200 – £300) to any jobs.

Quoted prices do not include the price of the boiler discussed above, so you can see that the installation can cost more than the boiler itself.

Statistics indicate the cost of the new boiler and the installation can bring you back from £1,000 to nearly 5k.

How to save at the expense of a new boiler and installation

The best way to save money on the cost of a new boiler and installation is to get as many quotes as you can be bothered to.
When it comes to installation, you might want to start with energy companies like British Gas for a quote, but you should also look at independent dealers too, which usually charge up to a third less.

Be sure to use approved, approved installers so you can stay in good hands, so check the reputation of all traders who offer you an offer.

When you compare prices, you also consider the guarantees offered to work, but be careful to pay more for the warranty already included by the manufacturer of the equipment.

Compare boiler installation tariffs in your area

Case Study: “How did I save nearly two grand on our new boiler?”

Brenda O’Donnell had to replace her boiler back in 2015.

She needed to install the new boiler in a new place in her apartment and wished it would be done properly – she would not meet any extra expenses related to the boiler in a few good years afterwards. Of course, she would pay as little as possible.

In her own words, she talks to us through how she saved a couple of thou on the cost.

1) Used British Gas to begin

“As British Gas is the leading installer in the UK furnace market, I decided to get an offer from them as a starting point. I’ve recommended that I need about three feet of new pipes to change the boiler position, despite the fact that it’s existing pipes much closer to the site The new (which builder did not refer to the British gas heating adviser that came around).

These extra pipes also mean that I have to pay the material delivery fee, collect the waste and get rid of the fee, and spend about £400 on some electrical work and the construction is very small. All I have stressed is absolute necessity. In total, this came to 900 quid.

Furthermore, I was told that I needed to spend more than £350 on the water treatment system. Connect the boiler and test it would cost nearly 2k, while the same boiler (Worcester Bush Combi) would cost £1000.

So in total, approximately £4,265 quoted for a £ 1000 new boiler installed in my apartment.
The British gas broker has repeatedly confirmed that I want to get free home coverage.

But failed to mention the boilers covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the first year anyway.

What struck me more was the amount of pressure that was put on me that day. My sale gave me an extra £ 150 discount, but only if I signed up on a dotted line right away.

2) I had a look on the internet

I decided to shop for a few more quotes to see if £4,265 was competitive.

First on my list: O’Toole Plumbers, which had been recommended by my brother. But when I called up, I was told that an offer on the boiler plant would cost £100 plus VAT! OK, so the money would be taken by the price of the installation if I proceeded, but I still hung up quick.

Instead, I chose to get an offer from Lancashire Heating. Despite the name, this is a nationwide boiler installation company.  It also offered £100 cashback if it cannot beat an offer from British Gas, E.ON or nPower. However it was a so-called technician who worked for the company and not the actual engineer who was to install the boiler who was sent around to deliver the quote. Again, I pointed to the existing pipes near the boiler’s new location.

This time I was told that the pipes could be connected to the new boiler, but Lancashire Heating “would not be responsible for any leaks.” The seller also identified the wrong new pipes as old pipes and said they had to be replaced (they did not, as they were only installed very recently).

In total, the boiler installation offer was £3,480. So, an improvement of about £600 on British Gas, and it included an excellent five year warranty on the boiler.

Can I save more elsewhere?

3) Rang my local qualified independent installer

The independent company I found using Google, APG Boilers on Finance, could not be more knowledgeable, professional and polite.

The engineer who was supposed to do the work came around to do the quote. He said there was no problem connecting the existing pipes to the new boiler, and he could still guarantee the work and share for six years.

APG then offered to complete the entire job for just £2,000. This included a manufacture warranty plus two years of free service, a chemical flush, a thermostat and excellent construction work.

I happily accepted this offer and APG came around and did an excellent job that week. I saved thousands on the previous quotes, got six years of peace in mind about all the parts and work related to the boiler, and found an excellent plumber and boiler to boot. I’m also happy to say I have not had any expensive repair bills since APG installed my boiler. It never gives me any trouble plus our fuel bills have been much lower since installation.

I would definitely recommend APG Boilers on Finance as a result.

When I think about the handfuls of cash I would have handed over to British Gas, not just for the boiler, but for unnecessary boiler cover, I can’t believe what utter rip-off merchants they are.

So if you are looking for new boiler finance, ask APG Boilers on Finance for a quote.