A Guide to Dog Accessories

A Guide to Dog Accessories

When it comes to buying accessories for your dog, it can often be a bit overwhelming. You’ll ask yourself which dog accessories do I actually need?

The key concern is that your dog is comfortable and has everything they need to stay happy and healthy. Over time, once you’ve had your dog for a while you’ll get to know what accessories to style your dog, make them more comfortable or to help with training. The accessories you need completely depend on the type of dog you have and your personal preferences.

Dog accessories are basically any products you can you buy specifically for your dog and often tend to fall into three categories:

  • Training Accessories
  • Dog fashion accessories
  • Accessories to make your dog more comfortable

The above can include anything from dog beds, harnesses to training aids, grooming accessories to clothes, yes that right clothes for your dog.

If your thinking about getting a new puppy, then here’s the key accessories we advise you should get:

Collar and Lead:
The essential dog walking accessories – a collar is essential as you can place an identification tag when your out in public places with your dog, you’ll also require a lead to take your dogs on walks. You can choose a collar and lead to suit your dog, and are available in all colours and sizes. Animology stock a wide range of accessories for dogs that get your dog nice and cosy to be ideal for any dog.

Dogs need a place to snuggle up in, so what better than a nice cozy bed, especially during the winter months.

Dog Bowl:
A dog bowl is great for giving your dog food and water. If you have a larger dog its best to elevate the dog bowl above the ground.

Keep your dogs occupied by stocking up on a selection of doggy toys. Dog toys also provide your dog with mental stimulation as some toys are specially designed to enable dogs to display some of their natural instincts and behaviours.

Grooming Products:
It’s essential to keep your dogs well groomed on a regular basis, more so those with a longer coat. Some dogs need to have their coat trimmed every few weeks. Essential grooming products include brushes, dog shampoos and nail clippers.

Dog Fashion Accessories:
Spoil your dog with the latest fashion accessories, from jewellery to jackets accessories for dogs have become extremely popular in the last few years, with pet owners going that extra mile to pamper their beloved dogs.

If you’re looking to kit your dog out with some top notch dog accessories then shop online at Animology who provide top quality pet products at affordable prices.

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