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Contemporary Garden Rooms

Contemporary Garden Rooms

If you need more space but have to extend out into the garden, we have a wide range of contemporary, luxury and ecologically garden rooms are designed bespoke for you, offering up an excellent solution. Take a look at our full range or order a brochure today.

A Home Extension in your Garden

Our garden rooms will be a stunning addition to your garden. Whether you need extra space for an office, gym, games room, artist studio, music room or workshop, we have a solution just right for you.

Our garden rooms come in a variety of different styles: lodges, pods, studios and offices, but every project is bespoke to your needs. Many luxury features are included, but you can also purchase a range of additional features.

Created from Sustainable Materials

Our materials are sourced with sustainability and quality in mind. If you are interested in the technical aspects, find out more by visiting our garden rooms page.

The Company you can Trust

Our expert design and build teams will work with you to create garden rooms that are built to meet your every need. Our commercial modular buildings are available through our fellow company Modular Sips.

We have been making garden buildings for several decades. Our range of Garden Rooms has evolved through our dedication to always use the best materials and provide our customer with the perfect building. This range epitomises all that we do best. Garden Rooms are totally bespoke, we will design and build yours in full consultation with you at every stage.

Your Garden Room is intended as an extra room to use year round, for complete outdoor living, a hobby or relaxation room or simply as added space.

Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms

Making the most out of your garden is usually associated with spending time gardening and creating a patio area to relax on… however sometimes you can make the most out of the garden by creating extra living space for your home. Garden rooms are a relatively new trend but they are increasingly being used to create extra spaces for living and working. People often build garden rooms for use as offices, music rooms, kids play rooms and even just for extra storage or utility areas. These rooms can add value to your home and help make the most out of other areas of your home by freeing them up for other uses.

We would really recommend these garden rooms for anyone working from home to create a dedicated office space, because lets face it, working in the outdoors is great but not every day is like the one pictured, especially in England! Plus, if you are currently using your spare bedroom as your workspace its not only taking up a room that you may need for other things but also you are stuck in your own house 24/7. A garden room requires you to actually leave the house to work, which has been proven to help with motivation! You also don’t have to buy coffees or pay for extra wifi or anything like that if you’re within a few easy steps of your home! Just imagine how beautiful your day would be in the summer, sitting in your gorgeously landscaped garden with the sun on your back.

Garden rooms are a great addition to any garden and will be so useful for many households. Even if you don’t need an office the room could be used as a den for your teenagers, stopping their friends from traipsing through your home, or a sewing room for your craft hobby! There are endless things to use a garden room for and we’d love one in our garden.