Purchasing a home is commonly considered as a long-term investment, and many homeowners assume that their home will increase in value over the years. The problem with this is that your property can also depreciate, especially if it becomes dated and run down if you’re not maintaining it sufficiently! If you keep on top of little fixes and new improvements the property value of your home should increase.

Granite worktops, while maybe considered a short-term trend, have been around long enough to have garnered their own reputation. Buyers love granite, considering its durability, uniqueness, and easy maintenance, it will certainly be a selling point. So if you want your home to gain more value, consider installing Granite worktops!
Granite material is hard-wearing, stain and scratch resistant, and is also heat resistant – even up to 400 degrees celsius without damaging the surface.
Granite is easy to maintain on a daily basis as long as it is correctly sealed. The first round of sealant is crucial because stone surfaces are naturally porous, and without any sealant, foodstuffs like spices and red wine can stain your worktops easily. Depending on what type of granite worktop you have, it is essential to have it resealed annually to make sure your worktops will last.

Even a sealed worktop is not infallible, so to be on the safe side always clean up spills immediately, or they could eventually seep into the surface and stain permanently. We would also recommend that you use a microbial product that’s approved for use on granite surfaces and not just any old cleaning agent.
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