Do I Need a New Office Printer

Do I Need a New Office Printer

Is it time for a new office printer? Well if your printer is taking forever to print a single document or constantly jam then it sounds like a good time to review your office printer so you don’t get any snagging problems.

However what do you need to consider when choosing your next office printer equipment.

Does the office require Single Device or Multifunction?
Dependent on how much your office needs to print or copy, will guide you to what kind of device your workplace need. If your a small business perhaps your needs is just a simple printer or photocopier. However, many business require a variety of tasks to be completed, for capabilities such as printing, photocopying, scanning & faxing all in one multifunctional machine. The main benefit to opting for a MFD (multifunctional device) is it help to improve efficiency by storing all your main devices in one place, whilst making it easy to use.

Toner or Cartridges?
For offices/ people who value speed then toners are much faster than those that use ink cartridges. The most cost-effective method of printing depends on how much printing your organisation needs to get through day-to-day. Toner cartridges are the best option if your looking to allow several print jobs at the same time, as they last longer and will ensure a much higher quality print.

Security Features
The need for print security features has grown massively due to the rise in hackers misusing the lack of knowledge on printer security. Given the advances in digital technology today’s multifunction printers differ greatly from the printers a yesteryear.

So what kind of risks can an unsecured printer pose…. The biggest threat to your company of an unsecured printer is allowing individuals to access documents that have either been printed, or documents that are being sent through a wireless connection to be printed. If any of these documents happen to contain sensitive information like bank account details then the damages to individuals and business can be severe.
But even more threatening is the possibility that a hacker could easily send your company malicious files through an unsecured wireless printer like a “back door.”

If your business is looking into a new office printer or need any advice on how to secure a printer device then contact The Photocopier Store who have been providing the highest standards of service and care to businesses for over 27 years.

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