Do I Need a Replacement Number Plate

Do I Need a Replacement Number Plate

Not to sure if your require a replacement number plate?… well if they’re cracked, broken, faded or has marks obscuring the letters and numbers, then they become illegal and need to be replaced.  However it’s not as simple as going to a car’s supply store, in to protect drivers from unscrupulous criminals there are legal requirements that mean everyone must produce certain identity and vehicle registration documents before a registered number plate supplier can make up a replacement number plate.

You car will fail its MOT if number plates aren’t correctly displayed and if your stopped by the police for failing to display a number plate you could be potentially find up to £1000. So do not put off sourcing a replacement if your number plate is missing or broken.

Another problem blighting drivers is number plate theft. Thieves remove number plates and attach them to similar make and model of car that has been stolen, in order to pass it off as a ‘cloned car’ to an unsuspecting buyer. Theft of number plates is also common to avoid paying speeding fines, parking tickets to congestion and road toll charges. Should your number plates ever be stolen then it essential you report to the police immediately.

If your looking to replace your number plates, but not too sure on the process then follow these handy steps:

Find an Authorised Supplier:
To find a local replacement number plate supplier simply head over to the Gov.UK website and simply enter your postcode, it will then bring up a number of local repair garages, car dealers and car spare stores within your post code catchment area.

What Documents Do I Need?
Before the retailer can make up a replacement number plate for your vehicle, and by legal guidelines imposed by the DVLA you must show proof of name and address and show you’re entitled to the registration number (eg the V5 vehicle registration certificate) however any of the following will be accepted:

  • The tear off slip (V5C/2) from (V5C section 10)
  • A Certificate of entitlement to a mark (V750)
  • A Cherished Transfer Retention Certificate (V778)
  • Vehicle Licence Renewal (V11)
  • A Temporary Registration Certificate (V379)
  • An Authorisation Certificate (V948) from DVLA Local Office with official DVLA stamp, or a downloaded hard copy of the eV948 (Unfortunately we cannot accept forms shown to us on phones.)
  • A letter of authorisation from Fleet Operators (including a lease/hire company). The letter must quote the document reference number from the V5C

Are there any regulations? 
Any new number plates must conform to certain regulations. Must be made from reflective material, the front plate should display black characters on a white background and the rear plate should show black characters on a yellow background. 3D lettering is permitted however background patterns aren’t allowed.

If you want to replace your damaged or missing numberplates online then  DVLA approved One Stop Number Plates provide 100% road legal replacement number plates via their easy to use online plate builder.

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