How often should my Boiler be Serviced

How often should my Boiler be Serviced

Knowing when to get your boiler serviced can be tough, especially if you think your boiler is in full working condition you may be tempted to avoid getting it serviced, so to help you identify how often should my boiler be serviced read on:

Why Service your Boiler
More reliable and efficient then ever before, don’t think that modern boilers are immune to wear and tear and breakdowns. Aside from complete shutdowns, there can be other problems with your boiler that won’t be as obvious but could still cost you money by operating at reduced efficiency. Though not a regular occurrence, gas leaks can be extremely dangerous, potentially resulting in a release of carbon monoxide. Ideally you should sure your boiler is serviced every year, to keep your boiler in good working condition and limit wear over time. For many new boilers, warranties require that your boiler should be serviced annually to avoid the warranty becoming void.

Also, not getting your boiler serviced annually can potentially leave your home insurance invalid should you encounter a boiler problem.  Given the importance of boilers especially through the colder months when your using your radiators it’s very important to ensure you get your boilers professionally serviced on a regular basis. Losing your boiler can cause a great deal of disruption; losing your hot water and heating can be a massive inconvenience.

Service when you move house?
If your moving in to a new home, then it is best to get your boiler serviced, as you wont necessarily know when the boiler was last serviced. So to ensure that there are no unwanted problems left behind by the previous owner get it booked in for a service.

Finding an Engineer
You can easily find a qualified professional by consulting the gas safe register. A Gas Safe engineer will issue a certificate when the work is done, especially important for landlords, who are required by law to have one as proof that their boilers are being maintained. Also check your log book or front of the boiler as its practice for the original installer to leave their details.

When’s the best time to get a boiler serviced?
Look to get your boiler serviced in the summer months as registered engineers are likely to be less busy and if any issues are identified you won’t be left cold while it’s fixed. So plan ahead and get your boiler serviced so that it is ready to handle everything our UK winters has to throw at it.

What will an Engineer Do?
A gas safe engineer, will perform several important tests during their visit. Most importantly, they will check for any traces of carbon monoxide in the air; carbon monoxide is invisible to the naked eye and odorless and even brief exposure can have a severely negative impact on the body. Your engineer will likely recommend to install a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t already have one.

Don’t wait till you a have problem!
If your boiler seems to be working well, it can be tempting to avoid servicing, thinking there’s no benefit. Getting it serviced will likely reduce any costly bills if your boiler was to break meaning higher repair costs than an annual service. So long as you ensure your boiler is serviced manually, you’ll be protecting any product warranties and your home insurance.

So don’t wait until winter to get your boiler serviced by one of the UK’s leading heating, plumbing and electricals servive p APG domestics.

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