How to care for your Cat – Hygiene Tips

How to care for your Cat – Hygiene Tips

Whether you’ve recently adopted your cat or you’d like to learn more about caring for them we have some great tips when it comes to cat hygiene.

Exploring, sleeping, eating and being groomed, yes we’re talking about your feline friends cats.. when it come to maintaining their own hygiene cats have a tendency to keep themselves and other cats clean by licking. Referred to as ‘allogrooming” this is a social activity which strengthens the bond between littermates. The objective of licking is that their rough tongues act like hairbrushes, combing out any dirt, fleas or loose hair from their coats to keep it looking purfect.

However, you can rely on your cats own hygiene as there are sever factors that can affect your cats health. So to avoid any catastrophes and nasty infections or other health problems, we have shared some great tips to follow for you to maintain a healthy, happy cat.

Fleas and worms are two extremely common irritants for cats, but unfortunately there are plenty of treatments available to get rid of them.  As well as treating your furry friends for these parasite, its important to keep upto date with other routine vaccinations at your local vets. The recommended vaccinations and boosters by the cats protection are:

  • Feline infectious enteritis (FIE)
  • Cat ‘flu –
  • Feline leukaemia virus (FeLV)
  • Feline chlamydophilosis

For people with older cats they should be aware of Hyperthyroidism which can kick in from about 12 years of age. The symptoms are increased appetite and weight loss but thankfully it is fairly easy to diagnose.

Oral Hygiene
Keep control of your cats dental hygiene and pay particular attention to any irregular signs such as excessive dribbling, bleeding from the gums or bad breathe. Cats commonly suffer with disorders of the teeth, jaw and mouth and are very good at hiding signs of pain, so it’s vitally important to keep an eye on your cat’s oral health, as its likely to extend and improve the quality of their life.

As your cat gets older, it is even more important to ensure good oral hygiene. Mature cats will need regular check-ups and professional cleaning to avoid being left with decaying teeth which leads to gum disease and other oral infections.

Maintain a healthy coat and skin for your cat with bath time. Every cat is different and not all will be open to bathing, but a gentle massage using specialist shampoo will help to maintain and ensure a healthy coat and skin. You’ll first need to brush out any excess hair with a soft comb. This is essential as any excess hair your cat will ingest when grooming itself, could lead to digestion issues and unexpected hairballs lurking around your home.

If you want to ensure your cat is kept clean and healthy then be sure to check out Animology’s range of cat hygiene products which includes, shampoos, sprays and wipes

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